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3 steps to living life to the fullest!

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What makes Equippers Essex different?

We get it, you want to experience Church, yet what you know about it really puts you off! Your life right now may be great, in fact apart from wanting to see what Church is really about you might be thinking that being part of a Church community is not going to make a difference. Yet what if you could be living a life that's more alive and fulfilled than you could ever imagine, and you realise that you were just coasting through life. Jesus came to give you the fullest life, it's yours to have. 

The leadership team at Equippers Essex have their own experiences of finally discovering to live a fuller life. You can start your own story by 1. Joining us this Sunday 2. Experiencing Church for yourself (not by what you've been told) 3. Discover what your life could look like. We're committed to bringing to Colchester family friendly Sunday and mid-week get togethers with live music and life application bible teaching. So experience Church for yourself and start a relationship with Jesus where you'll live a fulfilled life, no longer disconnected from a relationship with Jesus who will remind you how loved you are so you can go out and love others. This is Church, this is Equippers! 



09:30am - 10:30am 

Open for Coffee 

 10:30am - 12:00pm 

Worship and Life Application
Bible Teaching


Why Should I Experience Church?

'We are totally aware that people’s view of church differs widely, so we have created an amazing space on Sundays to come and experience what family can look like, what a relationship with Jesus can look like and what a better experience of life can look like. 

We have so many stories of people coming to church and saying “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.” People are leaving the building in a better way than they are arriving, people are flourishing in ways they only ever hoped for, friendships are being built and lives are being transformed.

This all happens as we embrace Jesus and pursue the life style He demonstrated, loving, accepting, forgiving, caring and including everyone. 

Faith, Love and Hope are being stirred up in lots of is a great place to belong.........come and see for yourself.'

- Pastor Barry and Sarah